Word Games

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Naslagwerken Games Educatief Woorden
Developer: Rogobete Christian
2.99 USD


Enjoy this collection of five very challenging word games:

1. Bulls eye (screenshot 1):
Find the two letters which, when entered into the center circle of the target, will form three words reading across the arrows. Depending on the game difficulty you have to find 6 to 10 letter words.

2. Word Triangles (screenshot 2):
Fit the nine triangles into the big one, so six words are spelled out reading across the arrows.

3. Word Pyramid (screenshot 3):
Use all the jumbled letters to build a pyramid so that each word contains all the letters of the word above it plus one additional letter. A starting letter will be set. "A" in the screenshot.

4. Letter Disk (screenshot 4):
Each ringer is composed of 3-5 rings depending on the game difficulty. Rotate the rings, so that you spell out four 3-5 letter words reading from the outside to the inside when all 3-5 rings are aligned correctly.

5. Word slider (screenshot 5):
Slide each column of letters up or down in the box and form as many words as you can. Depending on the game difficulty you have to find 3 to 5 letter words.


- Five easy to learn but very challenging games.
- 3 levels of difficulty: easy/medium/hard
- Offers a game tour with online scoring.
- Saves best scores for each game locally.
- Saves your progress automatically.